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Foreign Surveilance

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

Foreign Intelligence is one of the most important core beliefs of the American public and the government. Due to rampant nationalism after the world war, paranoia has bred and many foreign troops are being surveilled in the US. If a group is deemed as a threat to the American government there is a discussion on the best and most efficient way of national security to stop terrorist groups. The two main options are long-ranged attacks such as drone strikes and more classical forms of surveillance such as flipping and turning agents. Drone Strikes have become increasingly popular all around the world and are agreed upon to be the new age of warfare. The ability to strike enemies from very far away without risking your own men as targets for the area of attacks. They do this by having virtual pilots for each attack who choose where the drones attack through a camera placed on the drone. However, drone strikes also have the element of terror. Historically, drone strikes that have been used in places such as Iran and other countries always have a higher rate of criminal and terrorist insurgents. Rather than being killed in man to man combat, drone strikes uniquely cause more anti-US sentiment and thus create more terror groups. This is due to the accuracy of these drone strikes and their high chance to kill civilians which energizes people to join terrorist movements to get back at the US. Meanwhile, the older version of destroying these organizations is more traditional and involves the overall more basic ways of combating these terrorist groups. These were the strategies like turning high leaders to break the organization at the core and effectively stop them. This way of operation has been very successful in the past and only when the new technology has been adopted have we seen the terrorism deaths go up. However, there is an argument that overall as more technology advances we can clearly see that drone strikes will get more precise and better. Overall, I believe that the new style of drone strikes is better in the long term as while it is creating more terrorist groups short term, it is better for the long term as solvency to the accuracy rate will stop any backlash.

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