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The Election

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

In this polarizing day and age, one topic will always tend to be the most important and polarizing topic and that is politics. In this season, the most politically polarizing event is the election. In 2016, tensions flared due to the political debate between Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton, and Republican candidate Donald Trump. This was dubbed by many as the most controversial election of all time and it caused many discussions on the political climate as while Donald Trump won the electoral college vote, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote. This called for many other politicians such as Al Gore to call for reform on the political system. The electoral college system is very charged as it revolves around each state getting a certain amount of electoral points decided based on every 18,000 people in a district. Thus, larger states such as California end up with unproportionable more votes than states such as Utah which are less populated, making the political scheme more about canvassing rather than actual policies. In my opinion, this system is better to combat voter fraud as the number of votes only matter in a district. However, no matter what side of the political compass you are on it is widely accepted that it is a flawed system that needs improvement. Due to this and other factors such as Russian interference, many people disregard that election or contest that result. All of these factors lead to increased tension at the start of the 2020 political system. In this most recent election, the culmination of all that tension sprouted. On one side of the ring, one had Joe Biden, a democratic candidate with lots of neo-liberal policies, and Donald Trump a far rightist. The debates were high heated and a lot of tense moments happened due to the political compass at the time and right now. Due to the divide in America, this has been considered one of the worst political states that it has been in all time. Some of the biggest voting issues in this election was about gun control, abortion, and company restrictions. On Gun Control, the left believes that there needs to be a restriction in place for the use and purchasing of guns as it is very dangerous and has resulted in countless issues involving schools. However, on the right, they believe that gun restrictions have to be nonexistent as it falls into their 2nd amendment right. However, the 2nd amendment only guarantees that right in a time of war so there's some debate over whether that applies. In this scenario, I would say the democrats have it right in this scenario as the countries with the lowest crime rates all have very heavy gun restrictions. On the topic of abortion, which is a religiously polarizing topic, I would have to agree with the Republican party. There is more than enough evidence that abortion happens at a stage where the baby has some thought and thus can be classified as living and I believe that it is immoral to even consider killing a baby. On the topic of major companies and surveillance and the right to privacy from these companies, I would agree with the democrats, as in most of these companies they don’t need financial liberties and stipends as they are run by millionaire's and even though the surveil us we sign up for that in a user agreement and thus it is justified. Due to me aligning more of my views with the democrats in this election, I would say that I like the outcome of Joe Biden as president however only time will tell how he actually performs. Due to this outcome, more riots have happened of far-right supremacists and it is damaging the political state of America. At this time, the best way to discuss and convey ideas is through civil discourse and conversation. While it is important not to offend anyone, discourse is just as important and I believe the political situation is something that needs discussion.

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