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Theory of DEDEV


The fear of an economic recession: common in history ever since the American Great Depression. But maybe it was the saving grace to the world, saving us from the greater threat of climate change. The world is overheating and scientists predict that by the year 2050, we will heat up the earth's core by over 5 degrees celsius. This causes rising CO2 levels resulting in growing climate change. However, this change only happens without the rising CO2 levels. David Roberts writes that we need to stay below 2.5 degrees of annual growth in order to prevent the risk of fossil fuel development from extinction. However, an economic collapse would help to save us. Holmgreen, an esteemed writer- expert on economic and environmental issues- writes that any gain to the economy would push fossil fuel mining to an all-time high causing this extinction. While we all agree that this is a long-shot theory, the change of carbon fuel collapsing the earth's core is not. It is imperative that we all try to save the environment one step at a time to prevent this small chance.

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